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Fund Raising Update

The results of the recent drive to match an anonymous $50K pledge are as follows:  The Valley Giving Guide portion of the drive garnered $115,867 including the $50K pledge.  Additional funds raised through the Gem website, including the Hodaka coin drive bring the grand total of every donation to just under $136K.

THANK YOU to all donors.  These resources will be invested in the project and the local economy over the next few months.
PAVER PRICE CHANGE.  Due to the dramatic rise in the cost of shipping materials and the cost of labor, the cost of paver sponsorship will increase by $10 to $135.00 effective immediately.  We are sorry to impose this additional cost.

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Coin production delayed until Mid-February

Hodaka silver coin update.

As of today, the Regency Mint custom production line is still shut down by a Covid outbreak. The office has reopened, they expect to start running product on a limited basis at the beginning of next week. They have given us an order shipping date of February 9.

If that holds, we will begin shipping them out to individuals the week following. Thank you for your patience!

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Gem receives Oregon Cultural Trust Grant

October 11.  Athena’s Gem will receive an Oregon Cultural Trust FY2022 grant in the amount of $18,341 that will be used to further the installation of our eighteen rank, 1921 Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ.  The organ will be the only public installation in Oregon east of the Cascades and is a longstanding project collaboration between Athena’s Gem and the students of Weston McEwen High School.

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Gem receives 2021 AWERE Grant

April 19.  The Gem Project has been awarded $9,843.00 by AWERE for the 2021 cycle.  This funding provides materials for the completion of the organ wall, proscenium, and puts us back into the auditorium for the last big construction push.

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