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DONOR LIST 2005-2018

Oregon Cultural Trust
Pacific Power Blue Sky Program
State of Oregon 2018 Legislature Grant
Umatilla County Community Economic Development
Bank of Eastern Oregon
Wheatland Insurance
Western Farm Credit Service

State of Oregon, Corporation Division

Pacific Power

City of Athena

Ford Family Foundation

Mary Pilgreen

Rob & Elizabeth McIntyre

Chris & Amy Mayer

Chuck & Dyann Swanson

George Vorhauer

Larry Nye

Sam & Dottie Pambrun

Watts Foundation

Ken & Dorothy Bjorklund; Bjorklund Foundation

Wildhorse Foundation

Bill and Jacqueline Gentry

Karen Monte

Kathleen Schick

Carrie & David Bremer

Communities of Athena, Weston & Adams (Garden Shed Raffle, Silent Movies)

Athena Civic Memorial

BlueMountain Community Foundation

UmatillaCounty Economic Development Department


Hodaka Club

Athena Chamber of Commerce

Gilberta & Don Lieuallen

Sacred Heart Catholic Church


Sterling & Cheryl Allen

Diamond Eye

Brenan Fillippini

Florence Hodgson

Kenneth Humphreys

Bud & Bonnie Kinzer

Leanne Kinzer Rose

Janet Mandaville

Steve Timmons; Marv’s Glass

Helen Miller

Dean Parker

Eric & Patti Sederberg; Eastern Oregon Custom Milling

Edith Smith

Bob & Wilma Trout

Walter & Ada Veatch

Dave & Cathy Zimmerman; Zimmerman’s Autobody Glass

Dean & Rosa Whiteley

Deanna & Bill Ferguson

Vern & Deborah Hayward

Gordon & June Cresci

Kelly Brady

Marilyn Lieuallen

Mary Lou Andrews

Robert Meiners

John & Cathy Thompson

Joann & Garry Vanocker

Virgil & Esther Whiteley

Kathryn Brown & Andrew Picken; Aetna Foundation

UmatillaCounty Cultural Coalition

Irene Boatright

Clint Sloan Memorial

Bill Carstens

Leonard Pittman

Kristin Schulz

Carol Vawter

Linda Reeves

Mike Shields

Gary Bashor



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